Writer for Hire

Content Writing / Screenwriting / Narrative

I have been an avid writer since I found my first successes in high school English class where I would excel at constructing fun sentences with "context clues" that my teachers always loved. From there I branched out into short stories and an ill fated attempt at poetry(!) in my Creative Writing class.

As I got a little older I developed a major interest in screenwriting (thanks to Pulp Fiction) and eagerly devoured as many screenplays as I could (especially anything by Quentin Tarantino)! I began cultivating my skills throughout my college years and have continued to hone my craft ever since. 

I am proud to have co-written the screenplay for the independent film Fight the Panda Syndicate with my brother-in-law (as well as the film's director) Jason J. Dale, whom I also co-produced the film with.

Writing and producing an independent feature film is a MONUMENTAL task which took us over three years to complete. It was a tremendously fun and educational experience that I encourage anyone with a desire to attempt for themselves (but be warned, it is ALL-CONSUMING)!

After my work on the film was complete I began to work as a freelance content writer; helping small business owners and web designers with their webpage content needs - especially SEO.

I have amassed a diverse portfolio of work for clients in a wide variety of industries over the years and I am proud to have made a difference for their businesses.

Thanks for your interest in my work!

Christopher Pickhardt as Washington Roebling