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I am finally back on Set in Shadow Society!

After a VERY long hiatus due to the pandemic, I am finally back in front of the cameras!

In Shadow Society, the newest series from filmmaker Marcus Reyes, I play newspaper editor Bob Edwards, who struggles to manage his responsibilities at work with his family life - a situation made much more daunting by the work of his star reporter Jim Sanders, who is on the cusp of uncovering a global conspiracy with dire consequences.

Written and directed by Marcus Reyes, Shadow Society serves as the third and most ambitious project that I have collaborated with Reyes on after Blue City and Mental. It is also the flagship narrative project on Reyes' own streaming platform MobFi-TV, which is available on most Smart TV's and in Android/Apple app stores. The series promises to be a thrilling tale of political intrigue, science fiction and mystery as we follow Jim Sanders and his pursuit of the truth via a compelling blend of The X-Files meets All the President's Men. As Bob, Jim's friend and editor, I have the duty and burden of supporting Jim while also ensuring that my star reporter doesn't take our paper into the realm of ridicule as Sanders' quest for answers pushes the boundaries of believability.

Episode one is available now exclusively on MobFi-TV, while production on episode two is currently underway.

Stay Tuned for more Shadow Society updates!

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